With 25 years experience of fine jewellery design and manufacturing Galacia offers you an expertise you can trust.


We collaborate with you: Your ideas and requirements inform every aspect of the design, which we then translate into a beautiful piece of jewellery for you and for future generations to enjoy. The true test of a piece of jewellery is, after all, whether it becomes an heirloom.

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Nothing can compare with wearing a piece of jewellery that you or a loved one has helped to design.  Galacia Designer Jewellery draws on the craftsmanship of some of the world’s top stonecutters and craftsmen.

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Our workshop is a site for excellence, craftsmanship and artistic skill. Each piece is moulded in a tradition that overlooks no detail, draws on the input of the designer and seeks to push creative and technical boundaries.

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We pride ourselves on involving the client at every stage of the design process. Each customer’s requirements are carefully considered and integrated with our years of experience in design and manufacture. This process produces pieces of jewellery that are not only tailored specifically to the wearer, but also have an intrinsic, artistic merit.

With a choice of any combination of precious metal – platinum, 18 & 9ct, in any choice of white, rose or yellow gold combinations including silver – we sculpt engagement rings, wedding bands, dress rings, earrings, pendants, chains, and  bracelets.


My mum and I have known Francis for the past 14 years and in the time we’ve known her, she has provided us with a high quality service and excellent craftsmanship. Her attention to detail ensures that each piece of jewellery that she creates is beautiful and timeless. If we are ever unsure about any aspect of the creation-from choosing the right precious stones and metals, right up to the final design – she always offers the best advice, which results in a final product that exceeds our expectations. We would definitely recommend her services if you are looking to create a masterpiece and, at the same time, have peace of mind that you have made a good investment.

-Lalitha Soma

I had the pleasure of making acquaintance with one of South- Africa’s most excellent jewellers. Francis has made me quite a few pieces of exquisite pieces of jewellery, needless to say they are all flawless. I am most impressed with her ethic and integrity…and….each piece of jewellery is made with love.

-Sandy Francis

I know Francis Lategan, owner of Galacia since 1996 and everytime I receives manufactured jewellery designed and made by herself, I am astonish by the quality.

She keeps her clients informed, she adheres to the deadlines. Thus far I did not have any comebacks. Thank you Francis for your remarkable work.

-Louisa Vermaak

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We would love to work with you to realise your exact requirements. The resulting piece will not only bring you joy, but will also inspire generations to follow. The true test of a piece of jewellery is, after all, whether it becomes an heirloom.

For any additional product or service information or to schedule an consultation send us your requirements or call Francis on +27 83 601 2410